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    Proofreading Application Guidelines


    Welcome, prospective proofreaders!

    From now on the tests will be administered and graded by ObsidianTK. Please read the following guidelines carefully before applying.

    Basic Guidelines

    All applicants should meet these criteria:

    • You must be a native English speaker
    • You must have completed at least High School education
    • English and other related majors are preferred
    • Submission of standardized test scores in reading ability will improve your odds
    • You may submit a sample of your own written work, not to exceed two academic standard pages, to demonstrate your skill with the language
    • Basic familiarity with the Japanese language including Hiragana, Katakana, and elementary grammar will earn you extra points

    It is entirely possible for you to lie about the two absolute requirements. However, with almost complete certainty I can tell you that applicants who do not meet those requirements will fail the test.

    The Test

    With a real script proofreaders do not have a week to finish, nor do they get second chances if they mess up. Our test, therefore, is exactly like a real chapter. If you apply, you will be provided with the translated script of one of our old releases and asked to correct it. Do not bother trying to cheat by checking the release; we will be sure to pick chapters that were poorly proofread, meaning that you will fail if you copy.

    You must complete your work within 24 hours after the test is sent. If you fail, you will not be allowed to resubmit your script.

    If those requirements seem harsh, then consider this: If you cannot finish a script within 24 hours, then you are too slow for the real thing. If you fail the test once, then you would also fail with the real thing. In either case you would clearly not be prepared to take on the responsibilities of a proofreader.

    Passing is simple; if we would be comfortable allowing your script to go to the typesetter, then you will be accepted immediately.


    All submission material, information, and requests should be sent to ObsidianTK by private message.
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