• [li]name: Judge[/li]
    [li]AKA: none[/li]
    [li]genre: drama, horror, mystery, psychological[/li]
    [li]illustrator: Tonogai Yoshiki (other works: Doubt - prequel to Judge)
    [/li][li]status: 1 volume (ongoing) as of 29 November 2010[/li]
    [li]scanlating: 4 chapters (ongoing) as of 29 November 2010[/li]

plot:Atsuya, Hiro's older brother, started dating Hikari. Hiro has a crush on Hikari who is a childhood friend, and because of his feelings for her, commits what he believes is an un-punishable crime against his brother. However he is soon kidnapped and imprisoned by a strange group of people wearing animal masks. The judging is about to begin...