• [li]name: Teiichi no Kuni[/li]
    [li]AKA: Teiichi's Country[/li]
    [li]genre: Drama, School Life, Shounen[/li]
    [li]illustrator: Furuya Usamaru (past works: 51 Ways to Save Her, Donki Korin, Garden)[/li]
    [li]status: 0 volumes (ongoing) as of 1 Feb. 2011[/li]
    [li]scanlating: 1 chapter (ongoing) as of 1 Feb. 2011[/li]

plot: At an elite private boy's high school, known for turning out important politicians and bureaucrats, Akaba Teiichi starts his high school career. In order to launch himself into the political sphere after graduation Teiichi aims to become the student council president. Thus far he has kept his image picture perfect while not neglecting the darker side of politics. To aid him in his quest is his father who is currently an important bureaucrat. For strategy there is Koumei, his second in command and loyal best friend. For emotional support there is his little sister, mother, and his girlfriend Mimiko. However a new idealistic teacher named Kurosaka Reiko wished to undermine the current status quo by pushing an intelligent but poor student named Otaka Dan into the political world. Can Teiichi win?