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Thread: Freezing

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    Ya, a manga that I think is awesome soo far. Kind of echi, but that is not the only reason I like it . xD
    Seen the first few episodes of the anime and love the opening theme. well please take a quick look whoever even read this topic.

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    Re: Freezing

    I found it on Mangareader because the tags Ecchi and Romance jumped out at me, but maan it is not what I expected. Crazy girls that run around breaking school rules and fighting each other out in the open? And just when I begin to think that one of the girls is sadistic, another one comes out and beats her to near-death until Kazuya has to run in with his unexplained-super-limiter powers.

    This doesn't mean I don't like it; I do plan on keeping up with it. But man the whole thing reeks of evil.

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    Re: Freezing

    xD "reeks of evil"? Yeah I have to agree because there are just so many evil people than what I usually notice in a manga like this....ehhh. Glad to hear you will keep up with it. Im so proud to have spread one person.......T-T one doesn't sound like a lot now.

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