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    What's in a name? Pillar naming and other Info

    As many readers may have noticed in chapter 132, some of the Pillars have had their names reworked from their previous incarnations in the older chapters. Our translator, Shadow-skill, has acquired new information pertaining to the names of the Pillars, and has passed this along to me. We have decided to use a list of names that has surfaced—one that has a strong correlation to the Pillars already mentioned in the manga—as the basis of the new naming scheme. As the spellings of some of these names are only conjecture at this point, Shadow and I have settled on an updated list of names that had both our input, and that we will use until the time Tamura-sensei unveils his official spellings. Many of the names we will use come directly from the original list, while others are similar but have been altered for stylistic/aesthetic reasons on both our parts.

    Information about the numbering and the strange tattoos has also been discovered. It seems that the strange tattoo markings are actually part of a script known as the "Alphabet of Demons." Each marking corresponds to the first letter of a Pillar's name, having the corresponding demon letter marked somewhere on their body. The numbering also corresponds to the ordering of the Roman alphabet—i.e. A=1st Pillar, B=2nd Pillar, and so on down to Z (Only U is skipped, as it is on the AoD).

    A special thanks goes out to FanOfManyAnime, a regular on the mangafox forums, and other forums around the net. He was the one that discovered all of this pertinent information by searching Japanese boards and other related sites, and helped shed some light on some of Tamura-sensei's reasoning for names and such. His work was very much appreciated.

    In closing, this thread can be viewed as a reference point for readers, a place to keep track of our spellings, and other miscellaneous pillar information that deserves special mention. As a bonus, this list here will also include the katakana spellings and transliteration of the names. As new Pillars are introduced, this post will be updated. I may decide to redo this post as a general "34 Pillar Squad info thread" featuring Pillar Heads, hierarchy, and groupings in the future, but I will keep it simple at present.

    Without further ado, here they are:

    The Pillars

    1st - A アギエル (Agieru) Agiel
    3rd - C ケモル (Kemoru) Cemor
    4th - D ディン (Dein) Din
    5th - E エリム (Erimu) Elim
    6th - F ファバス (Fabasu) Fabas
    7th - G グラフィエル (Gurafieru) Graphel
    8th - H ヘカドス (Hekadosu) Hecados
    10th - K クネ (Kune) Kune
    11th - L ラベド(Rabedo) Labedd
    13th - N ネバク (Nebaku) Nebak
    14th - O オドネル (Odoneru) Odonell
    15th - P パミエル (Pamieru) Pamiel
    18th - S スケタリム (Suketarimu) Skettalim
    19th - T ティリエル (Tirieru) Tiriel
    20th - V ウァバム (Vabamu) Vabam
    21st - W ワスボガ(Wasuboga) Wasboga
    22nd - X クソブラー (Kusoburaa) Xobla
    23rd - Y ユシエル (Yushieru) Yushiel
    24th - Z ゼラー (Zeraa) Zela

    Additional Links

    - The "Alphabet of Demons" can be found here. These are the basis for the tattoos.

    - FanOfManyAnime's thread, for those who can't wait for the unveiling of new Pillars, want to glance at the alternative spellings given, or further read or discuss Pillar-naming related matters.

    Thank you for reading. I hope this was most informative to you all ^_^

    To Mod: If you can sticky this thread, I would be most grateful. Thanks!
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