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    Submitting cleaning applications. *UPDATED 2/16/2012*

    Welcome, prospective cleaners!


    Applying is a simple task, simply create a new thread below this one now being read and provide the following information:

    • Timezone.
    • Availability Schedule.
    • Name of the manga that you'd like to help us with.
    • A few sample of past work [for experienced applicants]

    Basic Guidelines

    All applicants should meet these criteria:

    • Must have access to a version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later.
    • Photoshop must have the plug-ins Topaz clean 3 and de-noise 3, de-noise 5 is also good in addition to 3 but not required.
    • Be aware of the different types of raws.
    • Willing to work a minimum of five pages each time you pick pages to clean.
    • Be aware of our schedule and try to be present to the best of your ability when raws become available.

    The Test

    Learning to clean is often a matter of trial and error. Understanding what methods work and which do not is a lengthy process, for this reason there is no time limit on how long an applicant takes to complete the test. That being said, if or when someone passes, he or she will be expected to clean a page in under 20-40 minutes depending the difficulty and work required for the page in question. The only exception to this rule are re-drawings, which can often take up to an hour to complete, or longer if pages need to be joined as well.

    If you feel you are up to this, you can find your test here.


    Once satisfied that the pages have cleaned to the best of your abilities the test must submitted in a PSD file with three layers and should follow a format as seen below. This format is also required for all actual work submitted once accepted in Red Hawk Neo.

    • Re-draw, re-border and text removed.
    • Clean.
    • Raw.


    When a test is submitted I will be reviewing your applications and grading you according to the following.

    • Tone and screen-tone of grays.
    • Line and art details
    • Re-bordering
    • Text removal
    • Redrawing

    But do no not be afraid, there is no such thing as a failed test. If the requirements are not meet during the first attempt I will offer some advice to help improve the overall quality and every applicant is free to re-take his or her test test as many times as needed.

    Thank you for your interest in Red Hawk Neo and good luck on your test.
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