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    Cool Red Hawk is recruiting REDRAWERS!

    Nearly one year ago, we created Redrawer Department which attracted a lot of applicants from all around the globe. Many thanks for the enthusiasm. A number of the applicants joined the team after acing the test. However, they are now dropping like flies and our releases are coming out slower than scheduled. This is why a second recruitment is necessary to keep the department strong and productive. The department needs YOU for all the series we're doing!

    But what is redrawing? The best way to explain is to illustrate. Look at these images, before and after, a page from NEEDLESS that has been cleaned except for the redraws:

    (Click for Full Size)

    Your job as a redrawer would be to fill in those missing spots that are covered by the original Japanese text. This is the essence of the position: If art is missing for any reason, it is your job to replace it.

    It is worth noting that possession of a digital drawing tablet is very helpful in this process and is thus highly recommended. Ownership of one is not absolutely required, but it is preferred for applicants. If you're truly interested in this field, Wacom Bamboo tablets tend to run pretty cheap and have all the functions you'd need.

    Unlike last year, MrHome will now be heading up the department. We would also like to promote him as a new Officer. Congratulations.
    If you are interested in being one of the members of this department and helping us, please apply now!

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